Commercial Fresh Air Carrier Wall Mounted Air Handler Unit AHU

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    carrier wall mounted air handler AHU


    commercial carrier wall mounted air handler


    AHU ceiling mounted air handler unit

  • Type
    Air Handling Unit
  • Condition
  • Mounting
    Floor Standing,Ceiling Mount
  • Operating Voltage
    380/400 VAC
  • After-sales Service Provided
    Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
  • Certification
  • Application
    Hospital,Commercial,office,Industrial And Commercial Large Open Space,Residential
  • Product Name
    Fresh Air Conditioning Air Handling Unit
  • Cooling Capacity
    21.2-517.9kw,8.4-168 Kw
  • Function
    Humidification,Air Conditioner Terminal Unit,Cooling And Heating,Fresh Keeping,Cooling/heating/heat Recovery/humidifying/purification/
  • Airflow
    2000~50000 M3/h
  • Refrigerant
  • Warranty
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Packaging Details
    wooden case
  • Payment Terms

Commercial Fresh Air Carrier Wall Mounted Air Handler Unit AHU

Product features

KD(X) series ceiling air conditioning unit is a hoisting air treatment unit at the end of central air conditioning unit, which can filter, cool, dehumidify, heat and introduce fresh air.

It is suitable to send the treated air to the place with a certain distance through the air pipe. It is especially suitable for the air conditioning engineering of small commercial and industrial buildings.

Unit installation

The ceiling type air conditioning unit shall be installed horizontally, and the condenser water pipe side shall be allowed to be on the low side by 5%, but not on the high side, so as to ensure the smooth discharge of the condenser water.Sufficient installation and maintenance space shall be reserved around the unit

Condensate discharge connected to the unit shall be provided with a water seal with sufficient height

The water connection pipe of the surface cooler is bottom in and top out, and the globe valve and filter should be installed at the water inlet

The flexible connection of the air pipe with the unit, the water pipe with the unit should be flexible pipe, the torsion force should not be too large when the pipe is connected to the unit, so as not to damage the heat exchanger, the pipe should have a separate home, the weight should not be borne by the unit.

The power supply of the unit is 380V and 50Hz.Only when the power supply meets the requirements can it be connected to the motor. After being connected to the power supply, check whether the fan's steering is correct. If the power supply is reversed, stop the machine to change the phase sequence of the power supply.

The fan motor shall be well grounded and shall be provided with overload, overheating, missing items and other reliable protection devices.

Unit operation and maintenance
The refrigerant and heat medium of the unit shall be clean softened water, and its working pressure shall not exceed 1.6mpa.

The outlet pipe of the unit is equipped with an exhaust valve, which must be opened before the first operation and the cold and hot conversion to drain the air in the heat exchanger and the pipeline, so as not to affect the heat exchange effect.The temperature of cold water supplied by the unit shall not be lower than 5 c in summer and that of heating water shall not be higher than 80 c in winter.

Start the heater for 5-10 minutes before starting the fan to prevent a large amount of cold air from forming an ice race in the heat exchanger. Close the fresh air valve first, then close the heater and finally close the blower when the machine stops.

In winter, when the unit is not in use, the water stored in the coil should be emptied and blown dry with compressed air.If the unit is temporarily not running in winter, the hot water circulation in the pipe should be guaranteed to prevent rust and freeze.Except in winter, when the heat exchanger is stopped in other seasons, it should be filled with water to reduce corrosion.

The filter should be cleaned regularly to ensure the use effect of the unit. If the air volume is reduced, it is generally caused by excessive dust accumulation of the filter.

After the unit runs for one month, check whether the lifting fasteners and the fan's strong bolts are loose.

After 2 years of operation, the unit should be fully maintained to clear the scale in the heat exchange pipe.Clean the heat exchanger fins with compressed air or water.Fan, motor and other lubrication parts should be regularly filled with lubricating oil.

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