4 Way FCU Ceiling Cassette Fan Coil Unit 2 Pipe For Air Conditioning System

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    FCU ceiling cassette fan coil unit


    2 Pipe ceiling cassette fan coil unit


    2 pipe fan coil unit FCU

  • Type
    Fan Coil Unit,Ceiling Cassette Fan Coil
  • Mounting
    Ceiling Mount
  • Operating Voltage
  • After-sales Service Provided
    Overseas Service Center Available,Free Spare Parts,Video Technical Support
  • Condition
  • Certification
  • Cooling Capacity
    2.7 Kw/hour,1.8-12.6KW
  • Application
  • Function
    Air Conditioner Terminal Unit,Refrigeration/heating,Cooling Ventilation Humidification,Mainly Used For HVAC And Hot Water System Control Of Cold Water,Humidifying
  • Heating Capacity
  • Color
  • Product Name
    Central Air Conditioning Cassette Type
  • Airflow
  • Warranty
    2 Years
  • Noise
    Low Noise
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4 Way FCU Ceiling Cassette Fan Coil Unit 2 Pipe For Air Conditioning System

brief introduction

Fan coil unit is mainly composed of centrifugal fan, coil heat exchanger, etc, is the end of the central air conditioning system products, he is widely used in hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, exhibition halls, shopping malls and office buildings more room or large space such as industrial and civil building, air conditioning occasion, to meet the requirements of cooling dehumidification, heating, etc, for people to create a pure and fresh, quiet, four spring-like working and living environment

Fan coil unit features

High performance and efficiency

The surface cooler is made of high quality and high efficiency copper tube through double flanged window aluminum fin mechanical expansion knot, the surface of the fin hydrophilic treatment, low wind resistance, high efficiency

Delicate structure, sturdy and durable

Shell molded, delicate appearance, high strength. The shell is zero spangle, environmental - friendly galvanized sheet

Stable, energy saving

The motor is provided with heating and power off protection device, and the bearing does not need lubricating oil. The fan has three speed regulation, which can be set according to user's requirement

Advanced technology, low noise

There is no welding point on the whole fan impeller, and the wheel frame ring is tightly combined without deformation, which not only reduces the noise of the unit, but also effectively ensures the long-term stable operation of the unit

Easy adjustment, maintenance aspect

The humanized design of the unit makes it easy for users to maintain and repair

Installation instructions

Vertical unit is installed on the horizontal surface, keep vertical, do not tilt; Horizontal unit, the installation of the four lifting point must keep the level of the unit, to prevent condensation water caused by the end of the condensate pipe lifting overflow

In and out of the water pipe should be equipped with valves, in order to facilitate adjustment and maintenance, and must pay attention to the entry and exit of the water pipe cleaning and insulation work, condensate plastic pipe shall not be compressed, there shall be no dead bend, to ensure the use of condensate smooth

The unit three gear speed regulation switch, the opening type should start from the high grade, then carries on the other grade choice, when many machines share, must single machine control

Unit power: 220V, 50Hz ac motor. If the unit has difficulty starting, be sure to check whether the power supply is normal and whether the wind turbine and its housing are contacted

The cold water temperature of the unit shall not be lower than 7 c in summer, and the hot water temperature shall not be higher than 80 c in winter,the water quality of the cold and hot water sources used must be considered and softened

The unit is allowed to use a maximum pressure of 1.6Mpa

The filter should be cleaned regularly

The heat exchanger should be cleaned regularly to ensure good heat transfer

If the unit is installed in a hidden place, there should be an access door for easy maintenance

The power should be cut off during maintenance

The ordering guide

Choose fan-coil unit, please specify the product specifications and models and the inlet and outlet of the left-right type

When selecting the air return box for ceiling concealed fan coil units with installation, it shall be indicated whether the return air is under return air or after return air

Please indicate the low static pressure (12Pa) and high static pressure (30Pa, 50Pa) of ceiling concealed fan coil unit when ordering.If no special requirements, at low static pressure delivery

4 Way FCU Ceiling Cassette Fan Coil Unit 2 Pipe For Air Conditioning System 04 Way FCU Ceiling Cassette Fan Coil Unit 2 Pipe For Air Conditioning System 1